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ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), Volume 15 Issue 2, May 1997

Device reservation in audio/video editing systems
David P. Anderson
Pages: 111-133
DOI: 10.1145/253145.253149
What fraction of disks and other shared devices must be reserved to play an audio/video document without dropouts? In general, this question cannot be answered precisely. For documents with complex and irregular structure, such as those arising...

Real-time computing with lock-free shared objects
James H. Anderson, Srikanth Ramamurthy, Kevin Jeffay
Pages: 134-165
DOI: 10.1145/253145.253159
This article considers the use of lock-free shared objects within hard real-time systems. As the name suggests, lock-free shared objects are distinguished by the fact that they are accessed without locking. As such, they do not...

Optimally adaptive, minimum-distance, circuit-switched routing in hypercubes
Roger B. Shaffer, Donald J. Lynch, Ausif Mahmood
Pages: 166-193
DOI: 10.1145/253145.253261
In circuit-switched routing, the path between a source and its destination is established by incrementally reserving all required links before the data transmission can begin. If the routing algorithm is not carefully designed, deadlocks can...

Strong loss tolerance of electronic coin systems
Michael Waidner, Birgit Pfitzmann
Pages: 194-213
DOI: 10.1145/253145.253282
Untraceable electronic cash means prepaid digital payment systems, usually with offline payments, that protect user privacy. Such systems have recently been given considerable attention by both theory and development projects. However, in most...