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ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), Volume 12 Issue 3, Aug. 1994

Design tradeoffs for software-managed TLBs
Richard Uhlig, Trevor Mudge, David Nagle, Tim Stanley, Stuart Sechrest, Richard Brown
Pages: 175-205
DOI: 10.1145/185514.185515
An increasing number of architectures provide virtual memory support through software-managed TLBs. However, software management can impose considerable penalties that are highly dependent on the operating system's structure and its use of...

Parity logging disk arrays
William V. Courtright, II, Daniel Stodolsky, Mark Holland, Garth A. Gibson
Pages: 206-235
DOI: 10.1145/185514.185516
Parity-encoded redundant disk arrays provide highly reliable, cost-effective secondary storage with high performance for reads and large writes. Their performance on small writes, however, is much worse than mirrored disks—the traditional,...

The TickerTAIP parallel RAID architecture
Swee Boon Lin, Pei Cao, Shivakumar Venkataraman, John Wilkes
Pages: 236-269
DOI: 10.1145/185514.185517
Traditional disk arrays have a centralized architecture, with a single controller through which all requests flow. Such a controller is a single point of failure, and its performance limits the maximum number of disks to which the array can...