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The Arm Triple Core Lock-Step (TCLS) Processor

The Arm Triple Core Lock-Step (TCLS) architecture is the natural evolution of Arm Cortex-R Dual Core Lock-Step (DCLS) processors to increase dependability, predictability, and availability in safety-critical and ultra-reliable applications. TCLS is simple, scalable, and easy to deploy in applications where Arm DCLS processors are widely used (e.g.,... (more)

Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses: A Microarchitectural Perspective

Many modern data processing and HPC workloads are heavily memory-latency bound. A tempting proposition to solve this is software prefetching, where... (more)

An Instruction Set Architecture for Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) are a family of models for learning from the data to improve performance on a... (more)


TOCS presents research and development results on the design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and use of computer systems and systems software. The term "computer systems" is interpreted broadly and includes operating systems, systems architecture and hardware, distributed systems, optimizing compilers, and the interaction between systems and computer networks. 


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